Ring Size Guide And Chart

Ring size guide Australia for your convenience. You can download the chart which is a PDF file.

How to determine your ring size

Artissimo specifies the ring sizes by the inner circumference of the ring in millimetre (mm). 

You can quickly determine your ring size with a measuring tape or a cord. To measure place the rope (or the measuring tape) around the finger where you want to put the ring. You should mark the end of the string.

Use a ruler to measure the cord and determine your ring size in mm.

The chart shows how the Artissimo sizes translate into other measures.

If you don’t have an existing ring that you can measure, or you think your ring size might have changed, you can have your ring size checked professionally and accurately by visiting us in-store.


For ring size guide Australia

1. Select a ring that fits comfortably to the intended finger.

2. Place the ring over the most matching circles. The inside of the ring should match the circle most comparable in size.

3. If the ring size falls between two circles, pick the larger size.

4. Double check.

Before printing, ensure you set the page scaling to “None” in the Print dialogue box.


ring size guide and chart

You can download the ring size guide as a PDF file.

While this method is a useful guide, we always recommend visiting a jeweller for a professional assessment of the correct size of your ring.