Pearl Bracelet Three Colour Beauty Gems

Pearl bracelet with a fantastic sterling silver band. They feature one white south sea pearl 12mm, one champagne south sea pearl 11.5mm and one Tahitian south sea pearl 12mm. This beautiful peace is demanding attention. Somebody might say in years to come, “I have a pearl bracelet passed down for generations in my family. It’s a precious little trinket with a sterling silver band decorated with several pearls. I love this piece of jewellery because it is more than an accessory; it symbolises the strong bond between my ancestors and me.

Every time I wear the pearl bracelet, I can’t help but think about how many hands have touched it before mine. Every generation since its creation has added to its beauty by caring for and cherishing this delicate family heirloom. By wearing the real pearl bracelet, I am reminded that no matter where life takes me, one thing will always remain constant: my link to this treasured tradition that dates back many years.”

The length is 19 cm. You might like Ring Silver Champagne Pearl.


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  • South Sea Pearls
  • 925 Silver Band


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