Impressive Necklace South Sea Pearl

Introducing the necklace south sea Keshi pearl 4.8mm mounted on the natural gold nugget! Make a statement of elegance with a South Sea Keshi pearl 4.8mm necklace mounted on the natural gold nugget. This necklace is crafted from top-grade materials and will stand out from the crowd – highlighting the wearer’s sophistication and style. In addition, the raw gold nugget adds a subtle yet striking touch to this timeless accessory.

At the same time, the delicate south sea keshi pearls offer an understated sparkle that catches the eyes without overpowering any outfit. The Keshi pearls are cultured from Broome, and the natural gold nugget gives the necklace a unique and luxurious look.

Moreover, a lovely statement piece makes it a memorable piece of jewellery that will surely get noticed.




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