Necklace Silver Dragon Claw Energetic

Necklace silver dragon claw. The claw holds a smokey quartz stone, giving the wearer a magical feeling of good luck. Make a powerful statement with this stunning necklace. Crafted from sterling silver and featuring an intricately designed dragon’s claw, it is a truly unique piece of jewellery. The claw holds a beautiful smokey quartz stone that perfectly accentuates any outfit. With its dramatic design, this necklace will make you stand out. This versatile piece can be dressed up for special occasions or worn casually for everyday styling- no matter the event, it’s sure to add style and sophistication.

Solid sterling silver. An inspiring piece of art is our magnificent necklace royal pendant.


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  • Brand Elf Craft
  • Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone Smoky Quartz


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