Necklace Pearls Clasp Natural Gold Nugget

Necklace pearls showing thirty-eight white Broome south sea pearls 10-11mm. The Clasp is a natural gold nugget 23-24ct from Halls Creek goldfields in Western Australia and magnificent Broome pearls. This beautiful pearl necklace will add a touch of world elegance to any outfit—a memorable investment for generations. Crafted carefully, this timeless piece features classic styling and delicate accents that showcase its beauty. A good investment in elegance, wear this necklace for special occasions or simply with your favourite everyday look. The unique lustre of the black pearls is captivating and irresistible, making this necklace an eye-catching piece that won’t quickly fade into the background.

19.6 gm. Length 46 cm. You will love this necklace with Tahitian pearls.


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A lovely pendant with a rare size Broome pearl of 18cm can be found here


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