Necklace Green Zirconia Dreamy Delightful

Necklace Green Zirconia, designed in baroque style, features a stone checker in sterling silver.

This sterling silver necklace features a square-cut green zirconia stone. It’s designed in a baroque style, featuring an elegant chain and a delicate, shimmering gem. It’s the perfect accessory for a date that will be unforgettable. The chain is long enough to be worn over a sweater or high-neck dress and still catches the light, so it’ll make you look amazing whether you’re at dinner or dancing all night long.

So what are you waiting for? Give it to your sweetheart, and see the look of wonder when they open the box with the necklace of green zirconia!

The length is 50 cm. You might like the necklace baroque with red zirconia.


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  • Elf Craft
  • Silver 925
  • Gemstone Green Zirconia


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