Attractive Blue Lagoon Necklace

This beautiful blue lagoon necklace features blue kyanite gem beads and a stunning Broome pearl. This exquisite necklace is a one-of-a-kind treasure. Its blue kyanite gem beads and gorgeous Broome pearl make it an elegant showpiece that will truly stand out from any other piece of jewellery in your collection. Combining the warm lustre of pearls with the cool tones of kyanite creates a mesmerizing blend that adds effortless style to every outfit. This unique necklace will make you feel glamorous, luxurious, and unique wherever you go! Kyanite is known for aligning chakras and promoting communication, while pearls represent wisdom and truth.

So whether you’re looking for a fashion statement or a way to keep balance and harmony, you are looking at the perfect necklace. The perfect match is our authentic black pearl bracelet. You might like the sea of love necklace with pearl.


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  • Features 10mm white south sea pearl
  • 22ct gold-filled findings


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