necklaces for women showing a gold nugget and pearl on gold chain

Necklaces have been a popular jewellery item for centuries and remain so today. Women of all ages love to adorn their necks with beautiful necklaces featuring pearls and other gemstones. Necklaces with pearls and gems come in various styles, colours, shapes, sizes and prices. No matter your style, there will surely be a pearl and gemstone necklace that will make you feel beautiful. We offer delicate strands of freshwater and South Sea pearls to eye-catching statement pieces. Countless options are available for women who want to accessorize their looks with something special. Gold or silver chains can add an air of sophistication for an extra luxury touch.


Like other jewellery pieces, the necklace is an important site of decoration for the body and communication for the person. As a valued material culture, necklaces communicate wealth, power, affiliation, prestige, levels of resources and skill, and elements of identity and position. In addition, the durability of jewellery like necklaces made of metal, glass beads, or gemstones provides an opportunity to appreciate and understand the technology and cultural practices.

The necklace is a central piece of jewellery for a woman, including a brooch, earrings, bracelets, and a pendant. Certain materials have long held reign for necklaces throughout Western dress history, including gold, diamonds, and pearls. The short strand of gems became a classic gift for young American and British women on their sixteenth birthday. It remains popular for women’s professional and business dress ensembles and bridal costumes.

A pendant is an ornament suspended from another piece of jewellery, such as a necklace, neck chain, ribbon, brooch, bracelet, or earring. Decorations take many forms, including large gems or pearls, cameos, crosses, lockets, amulets, or watches.

How to take care of pearls

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