bracelets for women showing a Tahitian pearl bracelet

A bracelet is an essential accessory for any woman. Many beautiful designs feature pearls and other gemstones, whether for a special occasion, an everyday accessory, or a piece of jewellery, to add a touch of glamour to any look. Bracelets for women with pearls and other gemstones come in all shapes and sizes. Pearl bracelets come in classic styles like tennis bracelets or elegant chokers, as well as modern designs incorporating charms and coloured beads. Other gemstone bracelets feature combinations of colours, such as turquoise, corals, and Peruvian opals set in gold or silver for added luxury.


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Artissimo bracelets collection

Artissimo designs have the most popular and widely recognisable bracelet types in the jewellery industry.

Bangles – Bangles are a type that has no clasps or flexible stretching pieces. Instead, they mean to be slipped over the hand and worn loosely around the wrist.

Charm Bracelets – These have one or more small charms attached. These charms may contain gemstones, metals, or other typical jewellery materials.

How to take care of your pearls.

Over the past decade, silver has become the most popular material for cuffs, bangles, and link bracelets. This trend took hold in the 20th century when silver became mass-produced and popular because silver is less expensive than gold but still gives off a brilliant shine of a precious metal.

Bracelets are by far one of the most popular categories of jewellery. They vary dramatically in style, quality, prices, and even function. Artissimo designs are unique. Some bracelets we design with pearls are typically the most expensive type. However, many kinds of bracelets are affordable and still look great.

They are found in recorded history across almost every civilisation in every time. They have served as objects of great religious importance, worn to express power and wealth, and given as gifts between family and friends as they hold great symbolism.

Today, people wear bracelets all over the world. They are a sign of status, beauty, and wealth. Whether made of pearls, gemstones, or string, bracelets are a popular accessory for both men and women.