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Pascal, a member of the Billiau family, is creating the artwork. He is crafting his art to help raise awareness of the importance of our oceans and to promote respect for the diverse creatures that live within them.

About Pascal’s Artwork

My artworks incorporate a variety of techniques including metalwork, welding and carpentry.

Using sustainably sourced materials including recycled steel, metal and aged timber to craft the sculptures. This makes these unique statement pieces in any space or place they are displayed.

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” Deep Sea Walker “

Size 1600x1500x1500mm

Stand included


Loggerhead Sea Turtle

The real size of a large loggerhead turtle




Size 540mm x 350mm

Sold at Black Stump Gallery Broome


Not available


A Kimberley icon for fishing.

Available at Broome Gallery.

Not available


Pearl Diver

Showing the suits and helmets used from the 1860s to the early 1970s.

Size 650mm x 200mm

Sold at Artissimo Gallery Broome.



A classical theme in Pascal’s portfolio




Another classic creature in his repertoire


Snubfin Dolphin

” A View to Asia “

Presented at Broomes very own

” Sculptures by the sea “

Size 1700x800x1000mm

Not available

Sculptures For Sale

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Art for interior

Kookaburra Sculpture
Pelican resting at lake
Pearl diver metal sculpture

Made by Pascal

loggerhead sea turtle
Crocodile metal sculpture
Whale humpback  metal sculpture

Sculptures for interior

Snubfin dolphin metal sculpture
Octopus on a wine barrel
Barramundi metal sculpture


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