Crocodile bag

Crocodile Leather

Australian saltwater crocodile leather is exceptionally durable and is the first grade of leather among the 23 species around the world. As with all our products, we ethically source them from a local supplier that ensures environmentally responsible farming practices.

Our Australian crocodile skin leather

handbags and bracelets are for shipment in Australia only due to fish and wildlife regulations.

We carry also a good range of pearl bracelets.


Available At Black Stump Gallery Broome

leather handbag brown

Leather handbag in cognac brown.

Shoulder strap


Handbag in chocolate brown.

Shoulder strap

crocodile-leather handbag from backstrap

Crocodile leather handbag in natural brown.

Shoulder strap

Clutch crocodile leather in burgundy red

Clutch in burgundy red.



Bracelet with Broome pearl

Bracelet and Broome pearl natural colour

Bracelet and three Broome pearls

Bracelet with three Broome pearls ntural colour



Bracelet croc leather and five Tahitian pearls

Bracelet and Tahitian pearls also called black pearls

Necklace crocodile leather and Tahitian pearls

Bracelet with three Broome pearls ntural colour



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