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I am so happy you’ve found your way here!

I’m a ceramic artist who believes in the power of handmade, small-batch ceramics. I make and sell ceramic sculptures as well as hand-painted bowls and platters. Each piece is entirely hand-sculpted out of clay, fired in a kiln, and then painted with vibrant colours.

Claudia making pottery


I have a passion for creating with clay, and we love all the small things that make up this big world—the animals who live here, the plants that grow here, and the oceans that nourish us all.I love to take inspiration from nature’s beauty when it comes to pottery. The seas and forests around us often inspire the colours you’ll find on my plates and platters.I began making pottery 22 years ago in the beautiful town of Broome. I am always experimenting with different materials to create unique designs that are very popular with people from all over the country.

We hope you enjoy interacting with these little creatures as much as I enjoyed making them.

I hope that sharing my love of our world through my art and it’ll brighten your day!

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ceramic studio boab bowls

Handmade Pottery Bowls Painted Boab Trees


Ceramic Bowls

My Ceramic Studio

Pottery History

History has been recorded in clay, even in the Great Wall in China. The list is endless: spark plugs, excellent porcelain figures, toilet bowls, sinks, sculptures, buildings, medicines.
Clay objects found in ancient burial sights tell us how people lived. Their beliefs and how they adorned themselves writing was on clay tablets which have lasted Nai Dunia.
There are many types of clay. For example, a fine particle with few impurities like Porcelain is coarse, sandy, usually has high iron content ( Terracotta), flower pots, bricks, tiles etc.
Clay is a weathered rock that has been ground down by heat (Sun), volcano’s, water, ice, wind and glaciers since the world began.

Process for making domestic ware.

The clay is dug out of a pit or riverbanks. Next semi sorted with bits of leaves, stones etc. Sieved and later semi-dried to a non-sticky consistency. It is then made into a substance thrown on a wheel, slip cast in a mold or hand-built.
The object is dried and put into a Kiln and fired bisque ( 1000 C approx.)
The clay has become a semi rock and can not be melted with water anymore.


handmade ceramic bowls
pottery bowls crab painting

The fired clay is then glazed ( glaze is powdered silica, feldspars and oxides for colour- i.e. cobalt will give blue) and returned to the Kiln for another firing. This can vary, Earthenware 1080 C, Stoneware 1300 C, Porcelain, Bonechina 1300 C – 1400 C.

After firing, removed from the Kiln and decorated – by hand or mechanically with transfers or lustres like gold, silver or platinum the objects are fired again by approx. 800 C.

In Africa, India, Thailand and Indonesia, clay is fired at a low-temperature wood is scares – the loam is quite fragile – and weathers quickly. Fine porcelain existed and was created for centuries in China – miraculous transparent wonders.

Why we enjoy creating ceramics.

Clay is lovely material and can be formed into unusual objects, comparable to the same thing in gold or silver at a reasonably low cost. Therefore a familiar person can easily buy a unique piece.

An Ornament can be bought in faraway places – back home, the site’s memory, the person who made it comes folding back. Clay is very tactile; a blind person can get a lot of joy from the sheer feeling.

To see a potter throwing a pot is mesmerizing – a lump of clay spiralling upwards and then transformed into a beautiful shape- magical.

Ceramic Studio Hermit Crab

Ceramic Sculpture Hermit Crab

Snail ceramic

Ceramic Sculpture Snail

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clay on a wheel

All handmade


cup beeing painted

Hand Painting


cup beeing hand formed

Advanced Texturing