Ceramic Studio

Claudia and Pascal creating the pottery for Artissimo.

Ceramic Studio Artissimo

Claudia began her journey 20 years ago by making pottery in Broome.

She is always experimenting with different materials to create unique designs that are very popular with people from all over the world.

Today she is still designing one of a kind jewellery pieces, along with stunning Artwork and Pottery representing the colours of the Kimberley and her love for this country.

Barramundi cod pottery
shark pottery
snubfin dolphin pottery from Pascal
crab in shell pottery from Claudia
dragonfly blue color pottery from Claudia
hermit crab pottery from Claudia
hermit crab purple colors,red and yellow
ceramic beeing sorted in shelf
hermit crab pottery

Ceramic Studio


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ceramic octopus
ceramic Whale pottery
ceramic Manta Ray pottery
ceramic snail pottery elegant blue
ceramic dragonfly pottery in pastell pink
ceramic sea turtle  pottery
ceramic bowl painted
ceramic fish pottery yellow red colors
ceramic bowl pottery in red and black
ceramic dolphin fish
ceramic Whale pottery
ceramic turtle pottery
ceramic turtlel pottery elegant blue and gold
ceramic dragonfly pottery in green colors
ceramic sea turtles diffrent colors  pottery
ceramic plates pottery in blue paint Boabs and turtles
ceramic dragonfly pottery in pastell pink
ceramic hermit crab  pottery
Leppard shark
green frog pottery
octopus blue colors with golden stripes
dragonfly pottery in green colors

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ceramic on a wheel

All handmade


ceramic cup beeing painted

Hand Painting


ceramic cup beeing hand formed

Advanced Texturing